I currently have a couple  photo books in the works and will update their progress here from time to time.   One is a collection of images of America's past. Another one is a reflection of my Scottish heritage.

I am a Georgia native, born in the Atlanta area in the mid 1950's.  While attending Rabun Gap Nacoochee High School, I became interested in photography when Elliott Wiggington put the first camera into my hands.  I have had a couple  within arms reach ever since! Photography has become a major part of my life.  I enjoy working with 35 mm,  medium, large format, and digital applications. 

I am always looking for images that capture and challenge my imagination. There is always a story to be told. Some of my favorite destinations include state and national parks where I seek out wildlife, waterfalls, unusual landforms, striking color and unique images. I often make trips to the southwest part of the United States searching out old ghost towns, mining communities, missions, churches, and ancient Native American sites seeking to preserve their stories and history through pictures.  My sons, Alan and Chris, sometimes accompany on these trips. They are both interested in photography as well. A couple years ago we expanded our travels to some international destinations. We really enjoyed foreign travel and have several more trips planned in the next couple years.